Unique solutions for your landscape

I approach each landscape as a whole interconnected system, not just individual plants or features. This allows a landscape to be designed or modified in a way that allows each part (plant, tree, sidewalk, house) to help support and add in a beneficial way to the other features around it. For example, a cement walkway leading to a house does not just serve to allow access from street to house, it also collects and channels rainwater and stores residual heat from a summer day into the night, keeping the air temperature nearby a little warmer. Noticing these interactions and taking advantage of their effects helps create a landscape that works more like an ecosystem, requiring less inputs of work and energy and providing a more stable, beautiful, and balanced landscape.

Holistic Landscapes and Gardens – I look at your landscape as a whole interconnected unit, not just individual plants or features.
Organic Practices – I use only organic fertilizers when necessary, and encourage beneficial insects by planting appropriate plants.
Edible Landscapes – I create aesthetically pleasing landscapes that can also be a source of fresh fruit and other edibles.
Multi-functional Landscapes – There are a multitude of functions a landscape can perform; block street noise, shade a patio, filter runoff water, attract songbirds, and many more.
Please give me a call for a free estimate on the potential of your yard – 360.840.3781
I’m concerned about our air quality and neighborhood noise pollution- I minimize the use of gas powered tools.

Credentials & Experience

ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7159A)
Bonded, Insured, and Licensed (FirstLD897NC)
Permaculture Design Course certificate holder
B.S. in Northwest Ecology
Extensive knowledge of native NW plants and fungi
References available on request
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