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Trees are an integral and highly influential part of our landscape. They can have a profound effect on the character and feeling of a space and thus any pruning or removal needs to be carefully considered. A well cared for healthy tree can increase property values and make a place much more enjoyable to spend time in.

I deal with nearly all things tree related, from removal to planting new trees. Including but not limited to:

-Helping you select the tree that will be best for the space you have- not just now, but 20 years+ into the future (right tree, right place)
-Structural, Corrective, and Maintenance pruning– It’s important to help a young tree develop it’s main branches correctly, this leads to healthy structure as the tree ages, reducing the chance of branch failure later as well as reducing costly pruning down the road.
-Assessment and Consultations– A careful examination of your tree(s) so you know it’s health and the likelihood of problems now and into the future.

Comprehensive fruit tree care:
I specialize in the care and pruning of fruit trees. A tree that produces fruit can really enliven a yard (and your taste buds!). Don’t rule out a fruit tree just because you’re concerned about wasted or messy fallen fruit- there are several organizations in the Seattle area that will come pick your fruit and donate it to local food banks. It’s also possible (through grafting) to have only part of a tree fruit (leaving the rest ornamental) or to stagger the ripening times so you’ll have a manageable amount of fruit or a longer season to enjoy them.

I prefer to plant trees rather than cut them down. But for every tree that I do remove two will be planted in our National Forests through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!
I give Free estimates, so feel free to call me over for an opinion on your tree.


A few notes on pruning times:
There are two basic times of the year that it’s best to prune fruit trees; dormant and summer:
Dormant: Most people prune when the tree is dormant (no leaves) because it is easier to see what and where you are cutting. But people often forget that dormant pruning has a stimulating effect on the tree. That means you are encouraging new growth the next growing season- specifically directly below where the cuts are made. This is very useful and desirable in many cases, but not all… sometimes you may want to slow the growth of the tree- which usually means summer pruning.

Summer pruning has a dwarfing effect, meaning you can control the shape of your tree (and thus where the fruit grows) without it sending up hundreds of water-sprouts (the vertical fast growing shoots) the next year, as it potentially would if pruned while dormant. The growing season is also a good time to prune especially vigorous young trees that may be getting too big for their space or producing fruit out of reach. Pruning in the summer can begin to stop the endless cycle of pruning out hundreds of water-sprouts and suckers every winter, only to have them come back in force the next year.

I’m concerned about our air quality and neighborhood noise pollution- I minimize the use of gas powered tools.

Credentials & Experience

ISA Certified Arborist (PN-7159A)
Bonded, Insured, and Licensed (FirstLD897NC)
Permaculture Design Course certificate holder
B.S. in Northwest Ecology
Extensive knowledge of native NW plants and fungi
References available on request
Free estimates & flexible hours