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Plant Profile: Sea Berry

Hippophae rhamnoides, Sea Berry or Sea-buckthorn, is a valuable and attractive landscape plant. Besides providing nutritious and tasty berries it also fixes nitrogen into the soil, similar to many members of the pea family (although this is a member of … Continue reading

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Leafhoppers and Spider Mites

As the summer progresses insect pest damage often becomes more apparent. I was recently called out to a home in the Greenlake area of Seattle to look at a vine maple that was having a pest problem. The tree actually … Continue reading

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Midnight Marauders

A large number of garden pests are nocturnal. I took these photos in my garden in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle around midnight this spring.   If you’re wondering what is eating your plants try going out with a flashlight … Continue reading

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Leaf Miners

Leaf Miners tunnel between layers within a leaf, eating the plant tissue and often leaving a very distinctive trail through the leaf or patches of dead brown leaf tissue. These sometimes strange looking markings on leaves are caused by the … Continue reading

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