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Planting Trees

When planting trees it’s important to remove all the soil that it comes with. Besides making sure you’re planting it at the correct depth (very important!) which is very hard to tell without removing the soil, you’re helping the tree … Continue reading

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Mulch Around Trees

Adding wood chip mulch around young trees is one of the best things one can do to assure their success. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, wood chips have a number of benefits. From moderating soil temperature, holding moisture through … Continue reading

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Anytime is a good time to mulch your landscape, but fall is especially great. Covering bare soil before we get heavy fall rains and adding another few inches around the trees you mulched last year will really pay off next … Continue reading

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Goats and Urban Forestry

As part of the goal to reduce my business’s impact on the environment, this past summer I started a program working with goat owners in the greater Seattle area. When I’m working nearby someone that has goats and I have … Continue reading

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Plant Profile: Sea Berry

Hippophae rhamnoides, Sea Berry or Sea-buckthorn, is a valuable and attractive landscape plant. Besides providing nutritious and tasty berries it also fixes nitrogen into the soil, similar to many members of the pea family (although this is a member of … Continue reading

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Leafhoppers and Spider Mites

As the summer progresses insect pest damage often becomes more apparent. I was recently called out to a home in the Greenlake area of Seattle to look at a vine maple that was having a pest problem. The tree actually … Continue reading

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Midnight Marauders

A large number of garden pests are nocturnal. I took these photos in my garden in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle around midnight this spring.   If you’re wondering what is eating your plants try going out with a flashlight … Continue reading

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Leaf Miners

Leaf Miners tunnel between layers within a leaf, eating the plant tissue and often leaving a very distinctive trail through the leaf or patches of dead brown leaf tissue. These sometimes strange looking markings on leaves are caused by the … Continue reading

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Reasons to Mulch… Morels!

Adding mulch around young trees and in landscaped areas is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for your plants. You may also get an edible surprise in the spring or fall. I found these Morels … Continue reading

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Soil Testing

Before you put the first veggies in your garden this spring, it might be a good idea to get your soil tested- especially if you’re starting a new bed or bringing in a lot of new soil of unknown origin. … Continue reading

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